Mohamed Khattab

Mohamed Khattab

Executive Vice President (EVP) of b_labs & Digital Commerce at B. TECH


Mohamed Khattab is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of b_labs & Digital Commerce at B. TECH, Egypt’s leading integrated omnichannel retailer and consumer finance platform and one of the top home
appliance distributors since 1997. He manages B.TECH’s eCommerce, technology, and B2B business. He has been a part of the B.TECH team for seven years now.

In his current capacity, Mohamed has been focusing on the transformation of B.TECH from a traditional
retailer with an online presence to a tech platform with a physical presence, putting tech at the core of
the company and the way it works.

As the Executive Vice President of b_labs, B.TECH’s transformation and digitization engine, Mohamed
aspires to recruit skillful tech talents who are eager to learn and build disruptive and transformative
technologies to bridge the gap in the local labor market, offer innovative solutions and services to
B.TECH’s customers while providing a competitive workplace that meets the aspirations of qualified tech
talents. b_labs is the first-of-its-kind technology hub in the market.

Mohamed started his career at B.TECH as the head of Business Development where he introduced the
eCommerce concept to B.TECH. With an ultimate objective to change perception, promote eCommerce
and create the first omnichannel retail offering in Egypt, Mohamed built a talented team to lead the
function, expanded B.TECH’s network and successfully managed to achieve outstanding results
contributing more than 20% of B.TECH’s top-line. He also headed the Strategic Projects department where he was responsible for new ventures and business lines. With exponential growth in B.TECH’s eCommerce scope, Mohamed lead eCommerce operations for three consecutive years before being appointed as the Chief Transformation Officer where he was responsible for ecommerce, digital product management, data & analytics, customer care, b2b business, and deel (B.TECH b2b ecommerce platform) leading up to his

current position as the Executive Vice President (EVP) of b_labs & Digital Commerce at B. TECH.
Mohamed graduated in 2014 from Northeastern University in Boston with a Major in Business
Administration with a focus on Finance & Entrepreneurship.