Rowaa ELDajani

Rowaa ELDajani

Valeo HR Country Director


Rowaa ELDajani, Valeo HR Country Director,  Rowaa started her career  23 years ago, since graduation she pursued her career exploration journey & found her passion in People and Culture development,

She then started her academic studies in Human Resources in the American University and HR Masters in University of Louisville in the US

She worked in different industries, 13th of which in the automotive industry in General Motors ; and other sectors included Gas & Power, Business Solutions, Offshoring & Outsourcing in local and multinational companies, Currently in the field of Software and Technology, Although mostly male dominant industries, yet, she managed to be an integral part in the leadership table ,she studied NLP and Career Coaching to support herself and others enlightenment

She is an advocate for Diversity & Inclusion and ESG and worked on numerous development and social impact projects with local and international organizations to close the education skill gap for employability and women empowerment 

Rowaa is a wife and a mother of 3 Kids and continuously working to attain the balance